Project Introduction

Project Introduction

Hello and Welcome to the world of Billy Whiskers! This is a project that I’ve been working on for a couple of years now. Its a short film that’s evolved from a lot of development and experimentation and something I’m really excited to share. My aim with this site is to share all aspects of the production and create a kind of, behind the scenes diary for the project.

At the point of me writing this we’re well into production on the film having just finished the principal photography. I’m slowing down production until i can fund the remainder of the film so thought it would be a good chance to step back and publish some of the processes, challenges and successes involved.

Billy Whiskers is a stop motion animated short film about a detective cat. Its a super low budget passion piece that has, so far, required innovation and hard work from the small but dedicated team involved. As an introduction, here’s the treatment for the film:





Billy Whiskers: The Mystery of the Misplaced Trowel (to give it its full name) is about a cat with a purpose. A hard boiled, confident and dogged detective who’s latest case sees him faced with a curious horticultural mystery. A man laid flat on the floor of the potting shed with a trowel stuck from his chest. Billy arrives on the scene and uncovers evidence and intrigue with the grace and delicacy of a dog on roller skates.

Don’t let his bumbling demeanour fool you though, as he soon uncovers clues that suggest this was more than just a tragic trowel accident. He enthusiastically pursues avenues of enquiry and creates theories and speculations that suggest this may all be tied to a bygone case of diamond robbery.

His investigations soon land him in danger and he finds himself caught up in a perilous farce, running, jumping and scrambling for his life! All in the, traditionally sedate, surroundings of messy garden shed.



I will aim to post regular updates on all aspects of the production and hope it provides a useful and maybe even interesting insight into the behind the scenes happenings. If not i’ll just keep talking to the internet. of course feel free to comment and ask questions. I will endeavour to answer!


James is the writer/director of Billy Whiskers, scribbling haphazardly on this website to document and share the experiences of making a stop motion animation.


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