The Set Build

I’m not going to go into too much detail about the set construction. Its not that interesting, just  a lot of cutting wood and screwing it together, then cutting more wood and hitting it and sanding, lots of sanding, and then painting, more sanding, more painting etc etc…

If you are interested in watching two people run around building this thing, we filmed a lot of it so here’s some quick edits!

That’s the majority of the set, after this was a lot of filling with props and setting up lighting. The set may have been slight overkill in terms of solidity. It’s more solid than my actual shed! However it does have modular walls, so they can each be removed for the camera and rigs.


James is the writer/director of Billy Whiskers, scribbling haphazardly on this website to document and share the experiences of making a stop motion animation.


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